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Steel ball rust-proof oil

       Steel ball can be divided into stainless steel ball bearing steel, carbon steel ball three categories. In addition to the stainless steel ball has certain antirust function, the other two kinds of material of finished steel ball need rust-proof protection, prevent rust. In bearing steel ball bearing, rust-proof oil is indispensable protective agent and lubricant.

       In order to improve the quality of bearing and save energy consumption, improve the service life of steel ball and reduce the harm to human health, the anti-rust oil to its content also to have certain fastidious. Dehydration rust-proof for existing applications, play a positive role. Rust-proof oil dehydration consists of dehydrating agent, rust inhibitor and light oil lutetium allocation is made. In bearing steel ball by using water-based cleaning fluid for cleaning, after the ball left of a layer of water film on the surface. And rust-proof oil dehydration dehydrant and interfacial tension on the surface of the metal than tap water or water-based detergent solution and metal surface tension small, rust-proof oil dehydration after contact with the metal through its and the blasting of water film on the metal surface and penetrate the surface of the steel ball. Form attached on the surface of the steel ball, a layer of thinner

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